Akadama Clan
Akadama Clan
Vital statistics
Title 赤玉党
Game Way of the Samurai
Area(s) Akadama Mansion


Leader(s) Kitcho Kurou
Primary Members Karibe Seiun


Hyuga Hayato

Kenji (varies through player's in-game decisions)

Other Members {{{othermembers}}}
Status Active

Perished (Ending 4 & 5, as well as some other endings)

Allies Kurou Family (in Ending 1 only)
Enemies Kurou Family

Meiji Government

The Akadama Clan (赤玉党, translated literally as Red Ball Party), is a clan in Way of the Samurai, opposite to the Kurou Family. It was founded (and led) by Kitcho Kurou. The clan is probably named after a mineral used as soil for bonsai trees, called Akadamatsuchi (赤玉土).


As Kitcho Kurou and Chelsea were out on the sea, they eventually went to Japan, ending up in Rokkotsu Pass. Here, Kitcho would create the clan and appoint himself as leader, and Chelsea as one of it primary members. Not long after, Kitcho found and recruited Karibe Seiun. It is unknown how he was found and why he was recruited, but it is suggested by fans that Karibe may have been fighting with someone in the Pass, and Kitcho then recognized his sword skills and offered Karibe to join the clan. Shortly after, Hyuga Hayato headed to the clan's mansion and stated that he wishes to join the clan.