Gender Female
Interests Kitcho Kurou
Disinterests Hachiro Tsubohachi (to a certain degree)
Occupation Samurai
Love Interests Kitcho Kurou
Stance One-hand
Weapon Binetsu
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai
Family Kitcho Kurou (Love Interest)
Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro


Way of the SamuraiEdit

Chelsea (チェルシー), is a character who appeared in Way of the Samurai. She is the lover of Kitcho Kurou.

Chelsea is an englishwoman who met Kitcho Kurou out on the sea. Because of her admiration for Kitcho, she trusts fully and follows him in everything he does. Because of her love for him, she left her native country and followed him to Japan, and eventually into Rokkotsu Pass.

From there, Kitcho would form the Akadama Clan, which Chelsea becomes a prominent member of. Eventually, when Kenji joins the Akadama Clan, she offers Kenji to help her in her assassination attempt against Tesshin Kurou, but is thwarted by Tsubohachi when the two cross paths before Chelsea could come even close to leaving the Railroad.

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