Goshiro Muto
Gender Male
Location Magistrate's Office
Occupation Magistrate
Stance Middle
Weapon Oborozukiyo
Chuyo-tou (Rare)
Debut Way of the Samurai 2
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai 2
Voice Actor Robert Belgrande (ENG) Toshiaki Kuwahara (seiyū)

Goshiro Muto is a character in the Way of the Samurai game series, first appearing in Way of the Samurai 2. A true follower of the Chief Magistrate Kuroha. Will maintain law and order in Amahara at any cost.


Goshiro is a serious man with a strong sense of duty, and will do anything to serve the Chief Magistrate Kuroha in his vision for Amahara.


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