Gunji Dojima
Gunji Dojima's character art for
Way of the Samurai 4
Alias "Gunji the Iron Heart"
Gender Male
Location WotS:
Station (Certain cutscenes and events)
Omiki Town
Cemetery (before becoming the blacksmith)
Town (as the blacksmith)
Occupation Swordsmith (WotS/WotS3)
Former Assassin Swordsman (WotS)
Former Apprentice Blacksmith (WotS4)
Blacksmith (WotS4)
Stance Upper (WotS)
2 Hand (WotS2)
Single (WotS3)
TenshinSwordfighting (Ge-dan) (WotS4)
Weapon Takefuji (WotS)
Koretomo-to-shigekazu (WotS2)
Nozuchi New Style (WotS3)
Black Mark't, Shady Deal or Bamboozler (WotS4)
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai 4
Status Alive
Family Dojima (Younger) (WotS3)

Gunji Dojima (堂島軍二), is a character who first appeared in Way of the Samurai and is a swordsmith in each game. Dojima is the swordsmith in Way of the Samurai, the older Dojima brother in Way of the Samurai 3 and a penniless ronin who can potentially become the blacksmith in Way of the Samurai 4.

In Way of the SamuraiEdit

In Way of the Samurai, Dojima is the swordsmith at Ipponmatsu (一本松). An assassin swordsman in his past, he is no longer a part of the society. With iron work a personal hobby, he now does it for a living, in peace and solitude.

Among players, Dojima (in this game) is considered a "pain" due to the fact if the player wishes to have their sword's Life attribute increased, the player would have to tell Dojima that he/she want their sword improved and when he asked what to improve, the player has to answer "Nothing in particular" and after he finishes working on the sword, most of the times the sword's Life would then be decreased, rarely would it be increased. Although it is a pain to increase this attribute, the fee to be payed is only 2 Yen, thus making it very cheap work for Dojima, though very frustrating for the players.

In Way of the Samurai 3Edit

In Way of the Samurai 3, he is the Older Dojima Brother, who decided to leave his family's shop to learn new swordsmith "skills", this action resulted in a large disagreement, and distrust between the two brother, as the younger Dojima brother believes that his older brother has brought dishonor to their family.

He is located in Omiki Town.

In Way of the Samurai 4Edit

In Way of the Samurai 4, Dojima starts out as a penniless ronin who quit his job as an apprentice blacksmith after the death of his close friend and fellow apprentice Hanpei. He can be appointed to become the blacksmith by completing a side-quest for the default Smithy.