Gender Female
Location Posting Station
Occupation Escort
Love Interests The Unnamed Main Character in WotS3
Debut Way of the Samurai 3
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai 3
Status varies with player's actions
Family Unkown

Hinagiku is a widow of Way of the Samurai 3 and one of the 14 partners in the game. Once the player as collected (in total) enough victory points, the player can have the Protagonist have the appearance of the NPCs from the game - to which more can be unlocked by defeating the desired character using a blunt attack. Hinagiku's outfit in this case is called "Widow", which likely specifies that she is a widow (as her nickname is the same in the Records menu), a woman whose husband has died (and has not re-married).


Her personality is very similar to that of Araragihime's (to the point of that they both usually talk about what turns them on). She is often referred to as the "slut" of the game, even though Osada has the nickname, "Whore" in the 'Records' menu. Hinagiku is referred to this because of both the fact that she has the appropriate personality for it, as well as being much more preferred by most players rather than Osada due to the fact that Osada will break your swords and steal your money.

Role in the Way of the Samurai 3Edit

After progressing through the game, Hinagiku will appear at the Posting Station between 18:00 and 0:00. In order to have her become your partner, you will need to have an Arcane Potion, Chicken Cake, and Ancient Amulet. During the conversation with Hinagiku, select either “I’ll buy you anything you want” or “I’ll buy you more things” and then select “I’ll give you this.” Once you have given all three items, select “I came to make you mine,” and she will become your partner.