Hyuga Hayato
Gender Male
Disinterests Chelsea (possibly more than Chelsea) Kitcho Kurou
Location Shrine
Occupation Ninja
Government Spy
Akadama Clan Member (formerly)
Love Interests None.
Stance Middle
Weapon Nidai-Kikumasa
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai
Voice Actor Satoru Tsugawa

"Now die, knowing what a fool you've been!"

— Hyuga to Kitcho

Hyuga Hayato (日向隼人) is a character in Way of the Samurai.

The counsellor of the Akadama Clan. Smart and cool headed. Trained when he was young in the art of assassination. He is the last descendant of the "Vine Hidden Ninja Style" (蔓隠流忍者).

Role in Way of the SamuraiEdit

In Way of the Samurai, Hyuga is often confused (when mentioned) with a company of the same name.

Hyuga is a shinobi who initially works with the Akadama Clan, later however, it is revealed that he is a government spy sent to manipulate Kitcho Kurou, persuading him to take control of Rokkotsu Pass quickly, so when the Akadama Clan and Kurou family clash, both will be weakened, so then the Meiji forces can take over without having to deal with much resistance. Hyuga is responsible for the animosity between the Kurou and Akadama, making it much easier for the Meiji Government to dominate the events in the Pass.

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