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Inokashira Mokichi
Placeholder person
Gender Male
Location Station
Shrine (Certain Event)
Occupation Police Officer
Love Interests Murasaki Kurou (affair)
Stance None (Story)
Lower (Battle Mode)
Weapon Revolver (Story)
Abashiri (Battle Mode)
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai
Status Alive (Dead, if killed by player or Government Soldier)
Voice Actor Masayuki Katô

Inokashira Mokichi (井ノ頭茂吉), a police officer in Rokkotsu Pass, he is both arrogant and corrupt, using gun as his weapon of choice and accepting bribes at every turn. He is discovered to be in a secret relationship with Madam Murasaki.

In Way of the SamuraiEdit

The police officer in charge of the law and order in Rokkotsu Pass. With the Sword Prohibition Act (廃刀令), the law against the carrying of swords, already in effect, he (for some reason) still allows the carrying of swords by members of the Kurou Family, as long as they remember to pay him his monthly bribe money. Strong against the weak, but weak against the strong, he is quick to draw his gun from its holster, but is sent off balance when he fires it. It is worth noting that this man holds the secret behind the birth of Kintaro Kurou.

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