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Stance Side
Weapon Type Katana
Wielder Enzan Toyoko
How to Obtain Kill Toyoko (WotS)
Ratio Very Rare
Identical Weapons Shindou and other black swords.
Life +250
Attack +6%
Defense +6%
Dur. 2

Kachouhugetsu (花鳥風月, translated literally as Flowers and Birds, Nature's Beauty) is a sword in the Way of the Samurai game series, first appearing in Way of the Samurai, as the sword of Enzan Toyoko.

Move/Skill ListEdit

  • NOTE: if the first letter of a move name is in lower case, then its completely accurate name hasn't been recorded. Move names that are completely accurate are move names that are a link and has its first letter(s) capitalized.
  • ADDITIONAL NOTE: Move information marked in bold do not appear in the weapon's move list in the actual game (i.e: In Way of the Samurai, a move that is an "Air Skill" (an attack that launches an opponent upwards into the air) would be marked in bold.
  • ANOTHER ADDITIONAL NOTE: Move information that is marked in italic tell how the move is learned. These italicized information also do not appear in the weapon's move list in the actual game.

Way of the SamuraiEdit

Tri: Nomugi-goe (野麦越え) - Damage: 75. Initially Available.
Tri: Amagi-goe (天城越え) - Damage: 55. Once learned, Nomugi-goe will be replaced with this move.
Tri: Nukigiri-no-koto (抜切の事) - Damage: 90. Initially Available.
Tri, Tri: Koteki-no-koto (後敵の事) - Damage: 40.
Tri: Tsufu-no-koto (通風の事) - Can be enetered continuously. Initially Available.
Tri, Tri: Kasumi (霞) - Damage: 100.
Tri, → + R1 + Square: Higurashi (日暮し) - Hit skill. Damage: 20.
← → + Tri: Iai-no-koto (居合の事) - Damage: 120.
← → + Tri(hold): Saraba-no-koto (サラバの事) - Damage: 300. Hold and then charge.
R1 + Tri: Roppo-giri (六方切り) - Damage: 580. Learned by performing Awase when Toyoko attempts this move.
← + R1 + Square: Fusha-nage (風車投げ) - Damage: 35. Initially Available.
Square, Square, Square: Sansetsuzan (三節斬) - Damage: 10, 10, 50. Initially Available.
→ + Square: Kagero (陽炎) - Damage: 10. Can be followed by Sansetsuzan. Initially Available.
← + Square: Yokogumo (横雲) - Damage: 20. Can be followed by Sansetsuzan. Initially Available.
Jump Square: Tsubamegaeshi (燕返し) - Damage: 40. Initially Available.
Jump Tri: Samidare (五月雨) - Damage: 70. Initially Available.
R1 + Square: Sune-uchi (腔打ち) - Damage: 5. Initially Available.
→ + R1 + Square: Tsukkomi-no-koto (突込の事) - Damage: 20. Initially Available.
Jump R1 + Square: Onikubiki (鬼くびき) - Damage: 10. Initially Available.