Stance One-hand
Weapon Type Katana
Wielder Kitcho Kurou
How to Obtain Kill Kitcho (WotS)
Sword Informant hint, "Super deluxe" (Wots2)
Ratio Very Rare

Kamikaze (神風, translated literally as "Divine Wind"), is the sole sword of Kitcho Kurou. It is exceptionally one of the strongest swords in the sole game it appeared in. Among more than most of American fans, it is the most wanted weapon.

Skill/Move ListEdit

Way of the SamuraiEdit

Tri: Rensen-shoken (錬仙昇剣) - Air Skill. Damage: 45, Initally Available.
Tri: makoto sen noboru tsurugi (真仙昇剣) - Air Skill.
Hold Tri: hi sen ki ryuu tsurugi (飛仙騎龍剣) - Air Skill.
Hold Tri: ki ryuu sen tsuchi momo (騎龍閃槌腿) - Hit skill.
Tri, Tri: rensen-tsuiken (錬仙追剣) - Air skill. Damage: 40. Learned when you are Down, and remain Down and keep crawling backwards for about 10

seconds until you hear a special sound and see a white flash near Kenji's eye, then you stand back up and attack with Rensen-shoken.

Tri: Senpu-kan (旋風貫) - Damage: 75. Initially Available.
Tri, Tri: gei ootori kan (迎鳳貫) - Damage: 20.
Tri, Tri, Tri: Senpuu tsui kan (旋風追貫) - Attack Strength 50. Learned by Addition together with Gei ootori kan.
Hold → + Tri: Reppuu kan (烈風貫) - Attack Strength 130. Learned when you stop an enemy's attacks with Senpuu kan.
Hold → + Tri: reppuu momo (烈風腿) - Hit strength 30. Automatic after Reppuu kan hit. Learn by Addition together with Reppuu kan.
Tri: Kofuku-tenshinken (虎伏転身剣) - Attack Strength 65. Initially Available.
Tri, ← Tri: tora fuku retsu tsurugi (虎伏烈剣) - Attack Strength 75. Learn by Hundred(****), then attacking with Tora fuku tenshin tsurugi.
Tri, R1 + Square: tora fuku sen kobushi (虎伏旋拳) - Hit skill. Attack Strength 20. Learned by hitting an enemy who's in the air with Tora fuku tenshin tsurugi.
← + Tri, R1 + Square, ←, → + Tri: tora fuku houkou tsurugi (虎伏咆哮剣) - Attack Strength 100. Learned when you stop an enemy's attacks with Tora fuku sen kobushi.
←, → + Tri: gawa chuu (側宙) - Movement skill. Repeated execution possible. Initially Available.
←, → + Tri, Tri: gawa chuu sou tsurugi (側宙掃剣) - Attack Strength 70. Learn by Recover(*****), then performing Gawa chuu.
R1 + Tri: ten ra chi ami (天羅地網) - Attack Strength 320. Learn by Avoid from Kitcho.
Square:Koseiken (虎勢剣) - Attack Strength 15. Can replace the third Square of Hana san tsurugi. Initially Available.
Square or ← + Square, Square, Square: Kazanken (華三剣) - Attack Strength 10, 10, 40. Initially Available.
Jump Square: Hiseiken (飛勢剣) - Attack Strength 40. Initially Available.
Jump Tri: Keikosenri (軽功千里) - Attack Strength 90. Initially Available.
R1 + Square: Shunkyaku (瞬脚) - Hit skill. Attack Strength 5. Initially Available.
→ R1 + Square: Tenshin-sokyaku (轉身掃脚) Hit skill. Attack Strength 15. Initially Available.
Jump R1 + Square: Hisei-sokyaku (飛勢掃脚) - Hit skill. Attack Strength 20. Initially Available.