This is a list of heard quotes from Karibe.

Way of the SamuraiEdit


  • "When did you become a coward? What happened to you? You used to be full of ambition!"
  • "If you aren't ready for the showdown, ... I'll do what I want!"
  • "Things are only impossible if you never try!"
  • "Now I understand their plans."
  • "Hyuga's attempt failed. As you can see, I am in perfect health!"
  • "Government pigs, I'll make them pay."
  • "Shall we proceed?"
  • "Let's go! We will destroy that damn Government Army!"



  • Karibe: "Ha ha ha ... This is the battlefield ..."
Chelsea: "Stop laughing. It's unnerving."
Karibe: "Shut up. I've always laughed that way."
  • Chelsea: "We're finished as well."
Karibe: "Yes, it seems that way."
Chelsea: "Tsh, ... I'm too attractive to be left alone for long."
Karibe: "Yeah, those punks are really coming after you ..."
  • Chelsea: "Ah! There's no end to them!"
Tsubohachi: "Hey, it's not like you to complain!"
Chelsea: "You are ...!"
Tsubohachi: "Stay down you mangy government dogs!"
Shiretoko: "Kenji, you are a skilled swordsman, to defeat me in the presence of Master Tesshin ..."
Shiretoko: "Tesshin gave us a direct order to avenge your death."
Tsubohachi: "Feel grateful to Tesshin and Kenji."
Chelsea: "Huh!"
Chelsea: "You think too much of yourself, baldie!"
Karibe: "We've gained the advantage now. Let's go!"
Tsubohachi: "Huh, this is too easy!"
Karibe: "Huh, I never thought I would fight on your side ..."
Tsubohachi: "Me either."
  • Chelsea: "Come on. I'll find Kitcho in no time!"
Karibe: "I'll slaughter all those who stand in my way ... !"
  • Karibe: "They have a good army ... at least in size."
Chelsea: "Kenji, we will defend here."
Chelsea: "Now go ahead and find Kitcho."
Kenji: "OK. I'll leave you here."
Chelsea: "Don't waste time on greetings, leave quickly."
  • Chelsea: "I won't let you go after Kitcho."
Karibe: "Prepare to die you worms!"


  • Karibe: "Die, die, die!!"
  • Karibe: "Hey, are you having fun?"
  • Karibe: "Bring them on!"
  • Karibe: "I'm as strong as an ox!"
  • Karibe: "Shut up, blondie!"
Chelsea: "Shut up, you punk!"
  • Karibe: "Eh? I can't move ..."