Murasaki Kurou
Placeholder person
Alias Madam Murasaki
Gender Female
Love Interests Inokashira Mokichi
Tesshin Kurou (husband)
Stance Middle
Weapon Aizome
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai
Family Kitcho Kurou (Stepson)

Tesshin Kurou (Husband)

Kintaro Kurou (Son)
Voice Actor Natsuho Koda

Madam Murasaki (黒生邑咲), is a character appearing in Way of the Samurai. She is the wife of Tesshin Kurou, although she is having an affair with Inokashira Mokichi.

Role in Way of the SamuraiEdit

She is the third wife of Tesshin Kurou. Murasaki is a young woman with the Kurou family fortune in her mind. She is widely respected in Rokkotsu Pass. Liberal in her time, she was the one who came up with the ideas of dividing and selling their land, the construction of the Iron Foundry, and the selling of the Iron Foundry. She just recently gave birth to the successor of the family, Kintaro Kurou. She is also the first to discover the truth behind the Meiji government's interest in purchasing the iron foundry. Though the family credits her with revitalizing the Kurou family's dwindling fortune, Murasaki silently opposes the selling the iron foundry.

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