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Stance Middle
Weapon Type Katana
Wielder Hyuga
How to Obtain Defeat Hyuga (WotS)
Ratio Very Rare
Identical Weapons None. Same appearance as other Black swords in Way of the Samurai.
Life +100
Attack -10%
Defense ±0
Dur. 3
Weight Way of the Samurai(1) weapons do not have a weight.
Max Quality Way of the Samurai(1) weapons do not have Quality.
Description Way of the Samurai(1) weapons do not have a description.

Nidai-Kikumasa (二代菊正, translated literally as 2nd Generation Chrysanthemum Justice) is a sword in the Way of the Samurai game series, first appearing in Way of the Samurai, as the sword of Hyuga.

Role In GamesEdit

Way of the SamuraiEdit

In Way of the Samurai, Nidai-Kikumasa is the sword wielded by Hyuga Hayato, rarely. Hyuga is shown with it on rather several occasions, but only has used it once, twice if the player sides with Karibe (during the scene where Karibe wants to kill Tesshin Kurou "all by himself" and Kticho, Chelsea, and Hyuga refuse to allow him to do so). The other time he uses it is when the player ignored the Akadama guard and walks past the guard, who then draws his sword on you and two other Akadama guards help the guard fight Kenji. After two of three have been defeated, Hyuga will appear and will fight Kenji, for a short time, using Nidai-Kikumasa.

Attainment MethodsEdit

Way of the SamuraiEdit

The most well-known method for attaining Nidai-Kikumasa is by ignoring the Akadama guard and walk past him, then defeat two out of the three Akadama punks, and fight Hyuga Hayato until he offers you to join the Akadama Clan. If the player accepts, then after a rather small dialogue, Hyuga will place the Nidai-Kikumasa in the fountain in the front of the mansion (right by the radish). Now, the player can proceed to pick it up.

Moves/Skill ListEdit

Way of the SamuraiEdit

Tri: Tensho (天昇) - Damage: 80. Initally Available.
Tri: Geki-tensho (撃天昇) - Damage: 80.
Tri, Tri: Renten-shozan (連天昇斬) - Damage: 40.
→ + Tri: Gatotsu (牙突) - Damage: 80. Initially Available.
→ + Tri, Tri: Garentotsu (牙連突) - Damage: 30.
→ + Tri, R1 + Square: Gazanshindakyaku (牙山震打脚) - Damage: 80. Only after a Gatotsu hit.
→ + Tri, ← + Tri: Kuten-gatotsu (空天牙突) - Damage: 60. Only after a Gatotsu hit.
→ + Tri, ← + Tri, ← + Tri: Kuten-renshinga (空天連震牙) - Damage: 90. Only after a Gatotsu hit.
← + Tri: Tenshin-senda (転身旋打) - Damage: 105. Initially Available.
← + Tri, ← + Tri: Tenshin-rensenda (転身連旋打) - Damage: 40.
← + Tri, → + Tri: Tenshin-kabutowari (転身兜割) - Damage: 20.
???: ??? (???) - ???.
???: ??? (???) - ???.
???: ??? (???) - ???.
???: ??? (???) - ???.
Square, Square, Square: Sanrenzan (三連斬) - Damage: 10, 10, 50. Initially Available.
Square: Shinzan (震斬) - Damage: 15. Can be followed by Sanrenzan. Initially Available.
Square: Senzan (旋斬) - Damage: 15. Can be followed by Sanrenzan. Initially Available.
Jump Square: Hitenkuzan (飛天空斬) - Damage: 40. Initially Available.
Jump Tri: Hitenonigoroshi (飛天鬼殺し) - Damage: 80. Initially Available.
R1 + Square: Sokutai (側腿) - Hit Skill. Damage: 5. Initially Available.
→ R1 + Square: Yakuzakick (矢苦坐鬼区) - Hit Skill. Damage: 10. Initially Available.
Jump, R1 + Square: Hitenkyaku (飛天脚) - Hit Skill. Damage: 10. Initially Available.