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Alias Honami Ryo (real name); Overseer (nickname)
Gender Female
Location Omiki Town
Occupation Job Broker
Stance Single
Weapon Biteikotsu
Debut Way of the Samurai 3
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai 3
Status varies on player's decisions

"The path of a samurai is narrow. If he strays, he becomes a killer. A person is judged by their actions, not their intentions."

— Oryo

Honami Ryo, better known by her other name, Oryo. She is a legendary samurai, and also a job broker in Omiki Town. She can be found north of the map on the west side of the bridge.

Jobs Edit

Under construction.

Special Job Edit

To fight her and win her sword(Biteikotsu), complete jobs for her until she starts paying 600 yen per job*. Once that happens, trigger the Nobunaga event and then speak with her. She will tell you to meet her at the battlefield (Kuchihagahara) at night. When you go there and speak with her, she will challenge you to a fight. Once she is dead she will drop Biteikotsu and a Golden Egg. Search her body for other possible loot.

*Warning: Completing jobs for other job brokers may decrease your relation with Oryo(and vice-versa), making it harder to start earning 600 yen.

Dropped Loot Edit

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