Soichiro Shiretoko
Placeholder person
Age 45
Gender Male
Location Station (certain event)

Kurou Residence Ipponmatsu (Final Battle in Ending 4) Railroad (Final Battle in Ending 1)

Foundry (Battle against Akadama Clan in Ending 4)
Occupation Samurai

Kurou Family's Advisor

Former Private Tutor of Kitcho Kurou
Love Interests None
Stance Side
Weapon Jukkaimaru
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai
Voice Actor Eiji Sekiguchi

Soichiro Shiretoko (知床総一郎), is a character in Way of the Samurai.

Role in Way of the SamuraiEdit

Shiretoko is the private tutor who came into the Kurou family to tutor Kitcho Kurou in the 1857, at the age of 25. Now a loyal subject of Tesshin Kurou and the Kurou family's advisor whom is trusted by Tesshin to do important tasks. Very calm and careful is his demeanor, but strong and skilled is his abilities with a sword, although he seems to prefer delegating tasks to lower level members of the Kurou.

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