Suzu on the bridge starting event.
Gender Female
Location The Bridge (Very start of game) Station
Occupation Restaurant Worker
Love Interests Don Donatelouse
Stance None
Weapon None
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai
Status Alive
Family Kurikichi
Voice Actor Ema Kogure

Suzu (すず) is one of the characters in Way of the Samurai. Suzu is a young girl in charge of the small restaurant "Amaguri" (甘栗). She lost her parents at a young age to the war, and it was the owner of Amaguri who took her in and raised her. Because of her bright and cheerful personality, Suzu is well liked in the town.

But, because of the lawlessness of the Kurou Family (黒生家), the residents of the town are all leaving, and the Amaguri is left with no business, and the money they have left isn't even enough for them to move to a different town. As the heroine of the story, Suzu is destined to encounter all kinds of trouble and disaster. Don Donatelouse sports a large crush on Suzu. Hachiro Tsubohachi also has feeling of affection toward Suzu, but usually expresses it in the wrong ways.

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