Tesshin Kurou
Tesshin Kurou
Gender Male
Occupation Samurai Patriarch of the Kurou Family
Stance Up
Weapon Dai-Kuronama
Debut Way of the Samurai
Latest Appearance Way of the Samurai
Status Dead (shot by Government soldier in Ending 5. Alive (other endings)
Family Kitcho Kurou (Son)

Madam Murasaki (Wife)

Kintaro Kurou (Son)
Voice Actor Yôsuke Akimoto

"Yes, he's the honored leader of the Kurou Family. The bravest man in Kanto province!"

Tsubohachi on Tesshin

Tesshin Kurou (黒生鉄心), is a samurai and the patriarch of the Kurou Family. He wields the famous sword, Dai-Kuronama. Tesshin is also the father of the head of the Akadama Clan.

Role in Way of the SamuraiEdit

Tesshin laments the waning influence of the great samurai families, but can see little option but to provide for his family. Tesshin has been driving villagers out of the station for months so that he can sell Rokkotsu Pass and his failing iron foundry to the Meiji government.

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