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Stance Middle
Weapon Type Sword (Katana)
Wielder Akadama Clan Samurai
How to Obtain Kill an Akadama Samurai who has this.
Ratio Common
Identical Weapons Chuyo-tou
Life +200
Attack ±0
Defense +9%
Dur. 3
Weight None.
Max Quality None.
Description None.

Tonpu is a sword in the Way of the Samurai game series, first appearing in Way of the Samurai.

In Way of the SamuraiEdit


Tonpu is often describes as "Chuyo-tou on steroids", meaning that there are no effort or tasks with the sword, as steroids in general "erase most effort".

Unlike most swords in Way of the Samurai, Tonpu starts with all of its moves initially. Although, only has a total of 16 moves (of which are very similar to the Chuyo-tou).

Move/Skill ListEdit

Tri: Tensho (天昇) - Damage: 80. Initially Available.
Tri, Tri: Renten-shozan (連天昇斬) - Damage: 40. Initially Available.
→ + Tri: Gatotsu (牙突) - Damage: 80. Initially Available.
→ + Tri, Tri: Garentotsu (牙連突) - Damage: 30. Initially Available.
→ + Tri, R1 + Square: Gazanshindakyaku (牙山震打脚) - Damage: 60. Only after a Gatotsu hit. Initially Available.
← + Tri: Tenshin-senda (転身旋打) - Damage: 105. Initially Available.
← + Tri, ← + Tri: Tenshin-rensenda (転身連旋打) - Damage: 40. Initially Available.
R1 + △: Fujinkyaku (斧刃脚) - Damage: 150. Initially Available.
Square, Square, Square: Sanrenzan (三連斬) - Damage: 10, 10, 50. Initially Available.
→ + Square: Shinzan (震斬) - Damage: 15. Can be followed by Sanrenzan.Initially Available.
← + Square: Senzan (旋斬) - Damage: 15. Can be followed by Sanrenzan. Initially Available.
Jump Square: Hitenkuzan (飛天空斬) - Damage: 40. Initially Available.
Jump Tri: Hitenonigoroshi (飛天鬼殺し) - Damage: 80. Initially Available.
R1 + Square: Sokutai (側腿) - Damage: 5. Initially Available.
→ R1 + Square: Yakuzakick (矢苦坐鬼区) - Damage: 10. Initially Available.
Jump R1 + Square: Hitenkyaku (飛天脚) - Damage: 10. Initially Available.

Translations Edit

  1. Fujinkyaku = Ax Blade Kick